The Velvetiser

The definition of Hot Chocolate

This revolutionary in-home machine produces barista-grade hot chocolate and lattes in 2.5 minutes: chocolate melted into cloud-like luxury velvet. Dualit ingenuity meets Chocolatier expertise.

A morning boost to start the day. A mid-afternoon lift. A post-sports pick-me-up. An evening indulgence. Your Velvetiser, your lifestyle.

Features: 1) Ingenious Dualit Engineering - temperature and smoothness controlled to perfection.2) Hot Chocolate & Lattes made with real grated chocolate in just 2.5min with any milk, cream or plant milk of your choice.3) Forget about burned pans with our Non-stick, Easy to Clean Coating.4) 1-year full parts and labor guarantee from the day of delivery.5) 2 stunning ceramic podcups inspired by cocoa pods worth $25. 6) Light (2.53lb) and petite size (L 8.58 x W 4.69 x H 7.95 inches).7) A complimentary Hot Chocolate with every machine.

Pair with Your Velvetiser

Comforting and tongue-tingling milk, dark, white, and fruity drinking chocolate recipes from our ever-expanding library of single-serves. Designed for use in the Velvetiser. No mess. No fuss. The ‘just right’ serving size

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