Velvetiser Warranty

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Currently, in the US you don't need to register your Velvetiser warranty, as you get automatically enrolled from the day your machine gets delivered to your door.

If you need replacement parts for your Velvetiser or you would like to return it, please contact our Customer Services team via Message, Phone or Live Chat and provide a video of the problem you are experiencing. 

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Velvetiser FAQs

Instant drinking chocolate is mostly sugar (or chemical-laden sugar substitutes) with very little cacao powder – we’re all familiar with the lumpy, artificial-tasting results. But all drinks created for the Velvetiser use only pure grated chocolate or cacao butter, with a deep, not-too-sweet flavor profile. The texture of your finished drink is paramount: not too thick, not watery, but luxuriously silky-smooth – ‘velvetised’. Once you’ve velvetised, there’s no going back.

Effortlessly. First, make sure your whisk is in place: this is really important. Then add your chosen milk and pour the contents of your Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate or latte single-serve on top. Close the lid, press the button and the perfect drink will be ready in just 2.5 minutes.

Fancy a perfect chilled drinking chocolate or latte? It’s easy. In the Velvetiser, add your single-serve flakes to 110ml (3.7oz) milk (the milk should just cover the whisk). Pour 100ml (3.4oz) of milk over 6 – 8 ice cubes in a tall glass. Leave to chill. When your chocolate or latte is velvetised, pour it over the chilled milk and watch it mingle. Enjoy!

These all work:
Dairy – skimmed, semi or full-fat milk
Plant milk – almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut, rice, soya
Or you can use water – 100% water or 50/50 water/milk mixture, depending on personal flavor preferences. Experiment away!

2.5 minutes – to thoroughly melt the hot chocolate or latte ingredients and to whisk into your choice of milk.

No. It’s calibrated to work with our graded size and weight of real chocolate flakes – precisely measured for the best taste and texture. Excessively large pieces of chocolate can break your machine by creating ‘hot spots’ that can burn out the motor.

Direct from us at Hotel Chocolat. Innovative new hot chocolate and latte recipes are being launched all the time, including limited edition and seasonal specials.

To create the perfect taste and texture, we balanced 220ml (8oz) of liquid with every single-serve – and created the Pod cup to be the perfect fit. In our experience this is the ideal serving size, leaving you satisfied but not overly full. Fancy half a cup? Just use half the liquid and half the single-serve pouch.

Yes, it’s easy. Pour 110ml (3.7oz) of your chosen milk into your Velvetiser, so it just covers the whisk, and add the contents of your single-serve. Pour 100ml (3.4oz) of milk over 6 – 8 ice cubes in a tall glass and leave to chill. Once your drinking chocolate or latte is velvetised, pour it over the chilled milk and watch it mingle. Enjoy!

You can’t make ordinary coffee, but you can go one better with our velvetised Latte range: the best latte you’ve never had. That creamy, silken texture – from the first sip to the last – comes from an unlikely source: cacao butter. Only a chocolatier could have thought of it.

Making a barista-grade Latte is as easy as our hot chocolate: pour 220ml (8oz) milk of your choice into your Velvetiser, sprinkle in your single-serve, press the button and let the Velvetiser work its magic in just 2.5 minutes.

To make a delicious Mocha using your favorite hot chocolate, you can just toss a shot of espresso into your freshly made velvetised chocolat for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Salted Caramel, Milky, Classic and Hazelnut all work well. For best results, add the espresso to your cup first before pouring the hot chocolate.

Yes, it will do it fairly well even though that’s not what it was designed for – which is to whisk and beat melting chocolate.

We recommend that you give your Pod Cups a wash before the first use. Your Pod Cups are safe to use in a dishwasher.

Velvetiser Troubleshooting

A simple tip for a warmer drink is to fill your cup with boiling water and empty it just before pouring in your hot chocolate or latte. The Velvetiser has been calibrated to serve at the best temperature for flavor, which is up to 154-158 degrees Fahrenheit. A few degrees either way is perfectly acceptable, but if your hot chocolate is much hotter, its delicate flavors will be scalded (this is often the reason that hot chocolate served in some coffee shops doesn’t taste as good as you’d expect). We worked hard on the design of our Velvetiser to ensure this never happens.

It’s electric – the Velvetiser comes with a standard US plug ready to go.

Cleaning is very easy. The Velvetiser itself is not dishwasher safe, but has an easy-access, wipe-clean, non-stick chamber for which we recommend a soft cloth with a bit of soapy liquid, then rinse. The whisk can be removed easily and either rinsed under the tap or dishwashed.

You may notice some dark smudges collecting on the base of your whisk – they’re from the ingredients placed within your Velvetiser so don’t worry, nothing’s wrong!

What are they?

The smudges are a blend of the naturally and commonly occurring content of your chocolat flakes as well as proteins, fats and sugars from your milk choice that bond and accumulate on the whisk base and are harmless.

Cleaning methods?

You need to clean the whisk thoroughly:
Remove your whisk and run through your usual dishwasher cycle.
Remove the whisk and wash thoroughly in your sink/washing up bowl in hot, clean water with washing up liquid added and rinse thoroughly before placing back inside your Velvetiser.

Your Velvetiser wants to make you the best drink but needs you to follow the instructions in the correct order to ensure this happens. Firstly, always follow the 1-2-3 of putting the whisk in place first, adding the liquid/milk and, finally, the contents of your hot chocolat or latte single-serve. This is important to prevent any damage to your whisk and ensure the chocolate melts and mixes for a perfect velvety finish.
If you add the hot chocolate shavings first, you may experience a problem starting your Velvetiser. If you find your Velvetiser still won’t switch on, we recommend rinsing the Velvetiser with cool water to reset the thermostat. This ensures it starts every process at the correct temperature.
If you have already made several cups, the thermostat may just need to reset again, and any issues with your power button can be a simple prompt to do so. We’ve made a quick Velvetiser troubleshooting video to help you and suggest watching this first. If your Velvetiser is still not working, then please do get in touch so that we can help.

The spinning section of the whisk can get stuck if the cleaning regime isn’t completely thorough. Simply wash the whisk carefully once more, and this should get it spinning again.
This can also happen if the Velvetiser is left unused for a while and the whisk was not completely dry after the last time it was washed. Repeat as above with another and wash the whisk once more.

Velvetiser Facts and Figures

It varies from 0% to just 6% sugar per cup, depending on the recipe. ‘More Cacao, Less Sugar’ has always been our mantra at Hotel Chocolat. Cacao is the first ingredient in all our chocolate recipes for a deeper, more satisfying taste.

Milk frothers are designed to froth rather than whisk/beat, but they will work to a degree. However, the Velvetiser is specifically designed to make the perfect hot chocolate or Latte, so it will always deliver the best result.

9 x 8.8 x 4.7 in – a little taller than the average kettle.

Your full parts and labour guarantee lasts for 1 year from purchase.