If there's one product we get asked to sell on a daily basis, it's our Cocoa Whip. The malty chocolate whipped cream that we serve on top of our hot chocolates in our UK cafés and stores. 

The perfect topping to a hot chocolate, those crests of creamy indulgence catch any extra toppings you want (marshmallows anyone?!). 3

The Velvetiser™ : Your Private Chocolate Barista

The Velvetiser gives you a moment of pure chocolate perfection at the touch of a button.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Chocolate Whipped Cream Perfection

1. Add 250ml (9oz) heavy cream and a splash of milk to your Velvetiser. Plant based cream works too, just make sure it's marked as whippable.

2. Add 1 sachet of your favourite Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate flakes. Classic 70% creates a perfect malty flavour and is our favourite, but this recipe works with any flakes so get creative!

3. Start up your Velvetiser and watch as it slowly transforms into a smooth, liquid heaven.

4. Decant into a bowl & chill. An hour in the fridge should be enough or if you're in a rush (who can blame you) put the bowl into a larger bowl full of ice to cool it quickly. Yes, it's ok to taste it 😉.

5. Once chilled, it's time to start whipping. The best (easiest) way is to use a Whipped Cream Canister (we use this one from Amazon, but this one looks like it matches the Velvetiser nicely!). Simply fill with your chocolate cream & follow the manufacture instructions. If you don't have one - grab your whisk & whip it until you have stiff peaks. 

6. Top your hot chocolate, add any sprinkles you want. Now stop, breathe and savour your moment of pure chocolate perfection.  


Unleash Your Creativity

Now that you've mastered the art of chocolate whipped cream, it's time to get creative. Why not experiment with different flavours? 

Don't limit yourself to hot chocolate either. This versatile chocolate whipped cream can elevate any dessert to new heights. Top your favourite cakes, pies, or even pancakes with a generous dollop and watch your friends and family swoon.

Indulge in Chocolate Whipped Cream Bliss

So, next time you're craving a hot chocolate that's a little extra special, your Velvetiser can step up and make even more magic happen. With its help, you'll become the master of chocolate whipped cream in no time.

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