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Indulge in the Ultimate Cacao Experience

Book our specially curated, 3-night, Cacao Immersion Package, available for stays April to October.

​You’ll experience Rabot Hotel’s world of cacao-inspired experiences and be encouraged to explore the estate’s cacao farm to learn all about Hotel Chocolat’s sustainable approach to cacao growing.





At the heart of our cacao farm in Saint Lucia is Rabot Hotel, Restaurant & Spa. Offering natural luxury, this Caribbean idyll is set in the rainforest overlooking a UNESCO world heritage site and the iconic Piton mountains. It's our favourite place in the world.

Map of Saint Lucia showing location of Rabot Hotel & Project Chocolat in the south

In 2006, we bought a 150 year old cacao estate in the south of Saint Lucia. It was run down and overgrown and we have transformed the 140 acre site into a thriving organic cacao farm where we hone our pioneering Gentle Farming approach.

The stunning UNESCO surroundings inspired us to open Rabot, our Hotel & Restaurant, and Project Chocolat where we welcome guests for the ultimate immersive chocolate experience.

View from a Luxe room in Hotel Chocolat Saint Lucia. Piton View.

The Rooms

Rabot Hotel has 25 private eco-luxury lodges. The architecture connects guests with nature through an open-air design combining Saint Lucian charm and sleek contemporary aesthetics.

Cocoa Juvenate Spa Image | Hotel Chocolat

The Ultimate Cacao Experience

Whether it's hiking through the cacao groves, enjoying a cacao scrub in the spa, tasting our world class cacao cuisine or making chocolate from scratch, there's a cacao-inspired experience to suit everyone here.

The Experiences
  • The best days start with a great breakfast. Enjoy ultra-fresh tropical fruits from the estate or treat yourself to our signature chocolate pancakes.

  • Cacao cuisine is the speciality of our restaurant. We use every part of it, from the pulp in cocktails, to enriched butters and bitter-sweet chocolate sauces.

  • Unwind with exquisite cocktails at the Cacao Bar. Whether you like a clean classic, or fancy something exotic & indulgent, our expert mixologists have you covered.